How far would you go?

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Food porn from Omurice Jamjam, a delicious food webcomic by Cho Kyung Kyu

MCCOY: Don’t be so smart, Spock.

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Orphan Black » Nature Under Constraint And Vexed (2x01)

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During their college years, Allison picked up the habit of listening to a certain peaceful mix when she came back from training to block out the noise that Lydia makes, her fingertips running across the pages as she laid in the center of the room, surrounded by books. And Lydia speaks to herself quite often, making comments about a rough translation that lost its artistic value and corrects it, making notes too. But her words were slipping, she wasn’t able to form a word in front of her eyes because Allison hadn’t been home for three days in a row and when she came, she was so bruised and worn out, that the only course of action for her was to slip out of her clothes, into the pajamas that Lydia picked out for her over an year ago, a tad revealing, but no one was complaining. She had the wireless earbuds on and was lying on her stomach and Lydia was simply gazing at her when she noticed that Allison started clenching the sheets in her right fist. "Oh, honey. If you wanted me messing with your subconscious… Actually…" and that’s when she got up, tip toed to the nightstand and changed her playlist, then it was lights out. Time for Lydia to do what she did best. She stood still for a couple of seconds, watching her “prey”, completely unaware of what was ahead of her. Through a struck of luck, Allison turned around and she was already subjugated by Lydia’s auditory stimuli, her breath catching up those of the drums’ rhythm. She took her time crossing the room and when she crawled on top of Allison, her fingertips were dragged along Allison’s calves, her inner thighs, brushing lightly over her core and exposed a tiny portion of her lower abdomen, not neglecting to tease her breasts either when finally, her fingers tensed as she reached Allison’s neck. This was going to be amusing to Lydia, pushing Allison into consciousness while twisting the edges of her inner layers. Allison’s chest was rising and her legs were rubbing together and Lydia only teased her lips, only planted kisses in different spots, confusing Allison while she moaned beneath her and turned to that side to catch Lydia. It wasn’t long before Allison was flushed, instinctively rising enough to rub whatever she could against Lydia, before Lydia’s mouth started to wonder downwards, pulling the fabric of her shirt to uncover her breasts, her abdomen, before Lydia’s grasp on her skin became firmer and Allison’s moans, her muffled words, most of them just Lydia’s name, fueled her and when her hands finally slipped between Allison’s thighs, she pushed one of the earbuds out with her lips and muttered into her ear "You don’t want to miss this part." and Allison’s eyes flew open just as Lydia’s was pushing two fingers into her, her own hands deep into Lydia’s hair while the left earbud still played Lydia’s playlist.

(lydia’s tormenting playlist)

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