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  Dragons always preferred to attack from above, Dany had learned. Should either get between the other and the sun, he would fold his wings and dive screaming, and they would tumble from the sky locked together in a tangled scaly ball, jaws snapping and tails lashing. The first time they had done it, she feared that they meant to kill each other, but it was only sport. 

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Emilia Clarke for Marie Claire US May 2014 issue

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Kate wanted the keys and she completely trusted Richie to hit the bullseye with the knife and not her and she would get the keys get into the RV but you can bet your neck that Richie would have gone with her!

no he wouldn’t. He said it before he isn’t leaving Titty Twister. 
But letting Kate and her family go is a big thing for him. he is being selfless even though he wants her here with him. He is showing us a different kid of man. not thief/killer/psycho we all know. a younger more inocent version. the version that sneaked Seth & himself to watch late cartoons 

He would have left with her because when he’s with her she comes first not Santanico and in the heat of the moment he might have left. His sefless self is always there he doesn’t need to show it in extreme situations it’s part of him always. It’s always there with Seth and also with Kate because now he cares about her too. On the other hand there’s no chance in seven hells that Santanico would have let him leave! She would have felt it and would have interfered, but the thing is that this totally ordinary girl is so special that she has as such power over him as a goddess!

he did interfere, through Carlos. When Seth was about to give up the RV keys to Kate the bouncer guy showed up and told them to seat.

If you mean that Richie would have left with her do u mean in heat of the time, chase her out of Titty Twister, yes he would. Even after the knief throwing that Richie won for her he’d have follow her out to at least explain…

what do you think it would have happend if Seth hadn’t interrupted them?


Yeah I mean in the heat of the moment Richie would have gone after Kate to talk things through and she wouldn’t want to but Richie couldn’t have left things like they were and let her leave forever could he? He might have thought that he will go with her until she will be safe/up to the border and then bid her farewell and return to the Titty Twister.

What would have happened? Honestly my mind is so skeptic you wouldn’t believe so I think Kate would have realized that it’s not the real her and she would have left the room anyway but in a perfect world they would be making out for a long time and then she would have convinced him to get the keys from Seth and leave with them. The real Kate wouldn’t have had sex with him neither the “possessed” Kate because it seems like Santanico wants Richie just for herself. :/

dat hoe

About Kate, I believe things would have gonne alittle further if Seth hadn’t caught them. I saw an interview of Madison Davenport (Kate) and she was talking how her character was developing from her “good girl” status. 
I can’t wait to see Kate expression when Santanico finally reaches Richie. In the movie there is a really sensual scene of Richie & Santanico wher she dances only for him. and there is a part where she spils his drink to her body & legs and Richie licks her toes trough her thighs… oh yeah. I hope the did remove it!

Zane said Santanico’s dance felt very intimate even with a lot of people around them so let’s hope it won’t be that much sexual/perverted because Richie in the movie was a creep and our Richie isn’t. ;)

the whole show is perverted you just wait and see. hahaha I love it so much! btw Richie is so sexual. those bedroom eyes, they he looked at Kate when she kissed him first. and Kate is so attracted to him. 
In the pool scene when Richie was a total creep she continued talking w/him… her come-on lines like “My daddy says a lot of things” …I don’t blame her :D. I believe she’s attracted Richie and she finds him exciting but her religious past is what is holding her back. I hope she lets go and do what she trully wants.

I still believe that Richie was right when he said he can see into people and Santanico is showing him the deepest and darkest desires of people + the Titty Twister because it’s Santanico’s temple brings that out in all the people who are there. Remember Monica the bank teller she loved to roleplay with her husbands and she was roleplaying a call girl who falls for her captor who’s aggressive to her so those visions of her weren’t that far off and he had a vision of Kate telling him to take off her bikini so yeah I think Kate was attracted to him since the beginning and that seducing was coming from Kate’s mind.

OMG I haven’t thought of that!

And let’s not forget that they know each other for less than one day. So things between them escalate pretty quickly. ;)


the potter generation
20. places: The Burrow, Shell Cottage, or 12 Grimmauld Place?

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